Monday, May 9, 2011

here's a sample of my writing from a couple nights ago

taken from bat house--a long, strange thing that ends with a bat house which is the name of the two-story maze done in complete darkness at halloween festivals, at least where i'm form.

i just write it out by hand and then type it up, not really editing. so, you'll probably have to make an effort to understand some of it.
An image appeared in his mind; tennis ball under a coffee table. “If life was a tennis ball…no…if life was a tennis match…no, if life was a tennis game, then love-love.” He didn’t know what it meant, but, he never knew what he thought until those things appeared and he put meaning to it. “I love love,” he thought. “What is love? No. Who is love? Yes. Who do I love?”

He heard a sound. It was nice and soft at first, and then it took on meaning. It became something, intentional or not. Ben didn’t like it at first because that was a true genius—the person that hated it the most. But, he was ridiculous, laying on the ground. Who was he to judge the sound—the it? Who was Ben? Who was he in love with?

Aware that his own thoughts spoke in the third person, Ben prepared to encounter them! The others stopped, concerned. “They’re always worried,” Ben thought. “They’re always saying ‘Oh! My! God!’”

He felt the warmth of the headlights. Before the sound of slammed doors, he heard the shrieks. He could hear the female voice: “What is happening?” It wasn’t the thought he had expected. It was something he would have expected to have heard at the party he was at so long ago. (He asked himself how many hours ago).

He tried to move. He wanted to see the sky—God. He wanted to see into nothingness to see how far away it—he—was, but he couldn’t end it. He continued to stare at the red. He tried to see beyond it. He should have been looking at concrete. Instead, he was looking at color, and who knew what that meant? No one. Nothing.


  1. Pretty good writing, keep going i'll follow mate :).